Hey there, I’m Maya 
and I am so stoked you're here

I’ve been in front of the camera plenty of times and I definitely understand what it feels like to not feel confident there.

That’s why, over the years I’ve created an experience that allows couples to be themselves and feel confident in front of the camera. You can read more about the experience here. 

I’m an avid traveler, a lover of all things boho, wearer of many hats(literally), true crime podcast listener, diet coke obsessed, Mexican food addict and dog mom to the cutest golden retriever in CA , Comet! ( ok maybe I’m biased but if you stalk my IG stories you’ll probably agree)

I believe in connection with couples as well as the other way around. I think hiring a photographer you connect with is way better then just finding the cheapest deal(trust me, I’ve been there!)

I’m an Orange county wedding photographer who is also co based in the Bay Area because well, I just love it there. I’ll be honest , I’ve never been the photographer who follows trends or copies Pinterest photos. I believe in being creative and unique to provide photos to brides like you that represents who you are and shows of your rad personalities. To me being a photographer is more than collecting a paycheck and delivering photos. My true passion lies in capturing the happy tears, your first look with your emotional dad, your heartfelt reactions to each others vows and of course your epic reception party with all your favorite people!

I can't wait to get to know you, be your new third wheel and give you a freaking awesome photo experience!

Do I sound like I'm right up your alley? Get in touch below and let's create some rad memories and photos together! 

On the daily you can find me rocking out to Queen with my golden retriever, comet or watching dramatic reality tv like Vanderpump rules. I'm a lover of a cold diet coke on a hot day, Mexican food, hiking, vegan donuts, hats, all things boho and waking up at the crack of dawn to have the gym all to myself. Above all else , traveling is what sets my soul on fire! From weekend road trips blasting my favorite music to that feeling of pure excitement I get when the plane takes off and I know an amazing adventure is ahead. Getting to combine wedding photography and traveling has been a dream come true so if you are planning a destination wedding, I’m so there! 

Besides being a wedding photographer I’m a true crime podcast addict who finds crime investigations super interesting (weird I know ahah). 

It won’t be everyday that you fill a venue or space with all your favorite people for an epic party so having photos to reminisce on will be the thing you hold onto the most out of your wedding day other then your love ,of course. I’m here for those excited getting ready moments, teary eyed first looks, emotional ceremonies and all the fun times at the reception that can never be recreated. Whether you’re planing a local Orange County wedding, Bay Area wedding or a destination wedding, I want to be there and capture all your freaking awesome memories! 

my why

I’m sure you’ve scrolled through your fare share of vendor websites and you’re probably wondering how I do things differently.First thing you should know is that I only take on about 20 weddings a year so I can give my couples the attention they deserve. From beginning to end I’m there for you to ensure you get the most out of your wedding photography investment because, well, it is an investment! From communicating to providing you resources to find the most epic locations and what to wear for your session, I’m there every step of the way. Scared or nervous about being in front of the camera? I totally know how you feel because I’m not a fan of being in front of the camera either.

I believe in a stress free, fun process to make it enjoyable and get photos that represent you two

My primary focus: you two!

 From the past 6 years of experience photographing so many different couples I can confidently tell you that you will LOVE being in front of the camera after your session! OH ya?! Yup! Through prompts and talking you through it, you’ll be focused on interacting with each other and be sure to get lost in enjoying the process. No awkward poses here!

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